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Top 5 Benefits of EV Charging Station Installation for Business Purposes

Green transportation is the way of the future. The transition to electric vehicles is gaining momentum, and as a result, there is an increased demand for dependable EV charging infrastructure.

Without further ado, let us leap right into the business advantages that come along with installing electric car charging solutions stations:

1. Make a contribution to the establishment of electric vehicle infrastructure.

Cloud-based app connection is being made available by EV charging station providers, allowing owners of electric vehicles to more easily discover charging stations in their immediate vicinity. In turn, this is beneficial to the businesses that operate charging stations because they can attract more local electric vehicle buyers.

In addition, it contributes to the goal of constructing an extensive network of electric car charging solutions. As a result, it provides electric vehicle charging businesses with a greater motive in addition to profitability. In conclusion, electric vehicle charging manufacturers such as Griden provide continuing assistance for the installation and maintenance of charging stations, allowing you to continue to capitalize on company revenues without encountering any further obstacles.

2. Make an appeal to the workers.

A working professional will typically spend the majority of his or her day at the workplace. Installing charge stations for electric vehicles on the grounds of a business may make it easier to recruit qualified employees who have a similar enthusiasm for the progression of technology and for protecting the environment.

It significantly adds more stars to your business and makes it more likely that your employees will remain with you for a longer period of time because of the conveniences you provide. It will save them time traveling to and from electric car charging solutions, which is particularly helpful in the event that they do not have one installed at their residence.

3. Tax exemptions

As a result of the notification made by the Ministry of Finance, the rate of GST that applies to electric cars has been reduced to 5%. The interest paid on loans that are used to purchase electric cars is eligible for an additional income-tax deduction of 1.5 lacks from the federal government. This will result in savings of around 2.5 lacks over the course of the loan’s repayment period.

The rate of the Goods and Services Tax (GST) that is applied to electric vehicle (EV) chargers and charging stations has been lowered to 5% as a result of a decision that was taken by the council.

4. Regard in the Commercial World

The most astute course of action would be to include EV charging stations in the sustainability policy of your company. Installing charging stations demonstrates to both your workers and your customers that you care about the environment and are making an effort to reduce the number of carbon footprints left behind by vehicles. Along with the other advantages described in this article, it improves the image that your company gives off.

5. Increase your sales

Installing electric vehicle charging stations compels customers to remain at your shopping malls, brick-and-mortar auto businesses, or highway snack stops for longer periods of time, which in turn enables you to make more sales. The installation of EVs in such locations may lead to an increase in sales and the overall profitability of a company.


We are all aware of the positive effects that electric vehicles have on the environment and the economy. Now that we are more informed, we are also aware of the various possibilities that will arise as a result of improved EV infrastructure with the help of 3V3i.

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