Pointers on Taxi Travel for Tourists in Melbourne

Melbourne, situated in Victoria, is Australia’s second most-populous city. Melbourne is synonymous with being the cultural capital of Australia. The art galleries, sporting events and live music festivals of Melbourne attract millions of domestic and international tourists every year. The people of Melbourne are friendly and have a cheerful demeanor. The city has world-class facilities as there are many shopping centers and international airports in the Melbourne area.

In this post, we will discuss why Melbourne is a popular tourist attraction, which transportation mode is the best for tourists and which airports are located in Melbourne’s vicinity.

Melbourne: A Popular Tourist Attraction

Melbourne is famous for its pubs and nightlife. St Kilda, Brunswick Street and Chapel Street are popular nightclub districts. As a result of Italian immigration, Melbourne has a vibrant coffee culture as well. The cafes in Melbourne are popular and aesthetically appealing.  Tourists must taste a cup of Joe when they are in Melbourne. Due to its multicultural population, the food culture in Melbourne is varied and abundant. There are several high-quality restaurants in Melbourne.

Besides exceptional nightclubs and coffee culture, Melbourne has a lot to offer. Shopping centers and streets like Chinatown, Collins Street and Bourke Street Mall are worth exploring. Federation Square is the centre for public and cultural events. For sports fanatics, the Melbourne Cricket Ground is a famous attraction. Luna Park is great for those who have always wanted to visit a theme park. If you want to explore the food culture and taste local delicacies like meat and fresh produce, Queen Victoria Market is the place to visit. Established in the 19th century, Queen Victoria Market has a lot to offer.

Taxi: The Best Transportation Option for Tourists

With so many exciting things to do and places to explore, tourists have heaps to look forward to when planning to visit Melbourne. However, commuting to and from the airports in Melbourne can make many tourists jittery. The moment one lands in a foreign country, one becomes anxious and excited. Often tourists are unfamiliar with the routes, transportation charges and taxi services available. Moreover, due to the linguistic and cultural differences, they might also have communication problems with the driver which may hinder them from having a pleasant journey. There are many transportation options when you are commuting from an airport in Melbourne.

  • Ridesharing Applications

While it is convenient to order a Lyft or an Uber with a mobile application, the services of these platforms can be rather expensive. Depending on the availability of drivers, the prices can surge. Moreover, a driver does not need to have years of experience to join one of these companies. The risk of unprofessionalism and dangerous driving is also high. Personal safety while traveling is integral especially if you are a minor or a woman.

  • Airport Shuttle Services

You might be thinking of getting an airport shuttle if you are navigating to and from an airport. However, airport shuttle services have some drawbacks. First of all, the airport shuttle services can be painfully slow. Additionally, the shuttle will drop off several passengers along the way. You can have an uncomfortable experience if there is over-crowding in the vehicle. You do not get a lot of flexibility with airport shuttles as they have to be planned ahead of time with a particular date and pick-up location.

  • Taxi Service

Lastly, there is the option of hiring a taxi for your commute to and from Melbourne’s airport. Taxi drivers are more professional and courteous than drivers of ridesharing apps. Furthermore, unlike an airport shuttle, a taxi gives you more flexibility and privacy. Most taxis are available 24 hours daily, 7 days a week whereas airport shuttles or ridesharing vehicles may not be available at all times. Most taxi companies have a lost and found section in case you leave your belongings in the taxi by mistake. If you are traveling by taxi, the rates usually remain consistent. It means that the prices do not surge suddenly as they do in several ridesharing applications.

Closest Airports to Melbourne, Australia

Several towns around the Melbourne area have public airports. These cities and regions are Geelong, Gippsland Region, Yarra Valley, Ballarat and Bendigo. If you are visiting Melbourne, you will likely land at one of the airports mentioned below. Booking a taxi will be more convenient if you are knowledgeable about these airports and which taxi services operate in proximity to these airports. These are the four main airports in the Melbourne area that offer scheduled flights for passengers.

  1. Melbourne Airport

The Melbourne Airport opened in 1970 and it is Australia’s second busiest airport. The IATA location identifier of Melbourne airport is MEL. It is also known as Tullamarine Airport. It is the main international airport in Melbourne’s metropolitan area. This airport is situated around 20 kilometers away from the city of Melbourne. The airport has four terminals including two domestic terminals, an international terminal and one budget domestic terminal.

  1. Essendon Airport

Essendon Airport is a public airport that is located in the Essendon fields of Melbourne. The Essendon Fields Airport is closer to Melbourne. It is merely 15 kilometers away from Melbourne. The IATA location identifier of this airport is MEB. It is situated in the northwestern part of Melbourne. Essendon Fields used to be the main airport for Melbourne.

  1. Moorabbin Airport

Moorabbin Airport is situated in southern Melbourne. This airport was established in 1949. The IATA location identifier of this airport is MBW. The airport has five runways that intersect. The distance between Moorabbin Airport and Melbourne is approximately 30 kilometers.

  1. Avalon Airport

Avalon Airport (IATA: AVV) is situated in Victoria’s City of Greater Geelong. It is an international airport that operates publically. This airport was established in 1953. Avalon Airport is approximately 60 kilometers away from the city of Melbourne. It lies on the peripheries of Melbourne’s metropolitan area.

On a Final Note

In this post, you became familiar with the locations of airports in Melbourne and the best mode of commute to and from these airports. There are innumerable reasons to visit this great city in the “Land Down Under”. To get the best traveling experience in Melbourne, you should contact a premier taxi service agency such as ‘Silver Taxi’, Melbourne. Silver Taxi offers excellent transportation service at affordable rates. This reputed company also offers sightseeing, door to door and package delivery services. Silver Taxi ensures that you get a hospitable, professional and experienced taxi driver who will help you reach your destination safely and on time.

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